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In the News: Helping the Leukaemia Foundation Beat Blood Cancer

In 2019, Insight Economics supported the Leukaemia Foundation in the development of its State of the Nation Report.


In response advocacy by the Leukaemia Foundation supported by the State of the Nation Report, the Government has committed to establish a National Blood Cancer Taskforce and Action Plan.


The National Strategic Action Plan for Blood Cancer funded by Government will build on the State of the Nation report and enable coordinated investment and action by the blood cancer community.


The Blood Cancer Taskforce will work with leading clinicians, researchers, and patient groups in the blood cancer community to develop a blueprint and recommendations for Government to improve blood cancer survival rates. Melanie Kelly was nominated to the Blood Cancer Taskforce to continue to support the Leukaemia Foundation in the development of a National Action Plan for Blood Cancer and implementation of the State of the Nation Recommendations. 

The State of the Nation Report can be accessed here

State of the Nation screenshot.png
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