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Jon Stanford

Since entering into a consulting career in 1993, David Charles has built up a strong practice in economics and public policy issues related to industry development, research and innovation, life sciences and health and program reviews. At the outset David was one of the three founding directors of the Allen Consulting Group and was for a time its Co-Chairman. In 2006 David and Jon Stanford together with three other consultants left to form Insight Economics – he was the Founding Chairman. From 2006-09 David helped to establish a new economics practice at Deloitte. David has been a member of a number of Boards such as Austrade, the Australian Industry Development Corporation and the Business School at Melbourne University. He is currently Chair of the Automotive Industry Innovation Council, a member of the Board of the Advanced Manufacturing CRC and the Australian Advisory Board of TUV Rheinland. He is President of the Australian German Association. Before becoming a consultant David Charles held a series of senior positions in the Australian Public Service concerned with economic policy, industry development, innovation, trade policy and employment. From 1985-1990 he was Secretary of the Department of Industry, Technology and Commerce and from 1990-1993 Australian Consul General in Berlin and Special Trade Representative in Central Europe.


Since taking up a career as a consultant in the mid-1990s, Jon Stanford has developed a strong practice in economics and policy issues related to climate change, energy, the resources sector, industry development and defence. In this period, Jon was a Director of the Allen Consulting Group for over ten years before leaving to establish a new firm, Insight Economics, with Dr David Charles and Melanie Kelly as well as two other consultants. From 2006-09 Jon was a Partner with Deloitte and helped to establish their new economics practice.


Throughout his consulting career, Jon has worked closely with two economic modelling agencies: the Centre of Policy Studies at Monash University and, for energy market modelling, McLennan Magasanik Associates. Before becoming a consultant, Jon Stanford had a significant career with the Australian Public Service working in areas that involved economics and public policy. His final position was as a Division Head in the Prime Minister’s Department.

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