Michael Keating

  • Director
    Insight Economics Pty Ltd

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    Dr. Michael Keating AC, FASSA, FIPAA is a member of the Board of Skills Australia, the Economic Development Board of South Australia and the South Australian Training and Skills Commission. Also until recently Dr. Keating was Chairman of the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) in NSW and was Chairman of the Community and Clinicians Expert Advisory Council for Health in NSW.

    Previously Dr. Keating was Head of the Australian Public Service and was the Cabinet Secretary and Head of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (1991 to 1996). Prior to that he was Head of the Department of Employment and Industrial Relations (1983 to 1986), and Head of the Department of Finance (1986 to 1991). During those years Dr. Keating led much of the advice and was responsible for implementing many of the reforms affecting the Australian public sector.